19 June, 2010

normally distributed random numbers in haskell

somehow I expected to be able to get a normally distributed random number in haskell really easily by typing some term like "haskell random normal" into google. that came up with a bunch of stuff but nothing so simple as:
n <- getNormal mean dev

The most promising seemed to be the cabal package random-fu - although it looks like it has a lot of stuff in it and really all I want is the above single monadic action.

Cue the usual BS about installing packages (not haskell specific, just damned packaging in general) - today I need to edit my local hackage repository to remove some malformed packages, and upgrade GHC. frr. 6 hours just getting cabal install random-fu to work.

But once that was all done, the next morning, I got what I wanted - a short IO Double action: sampleFrom DevURandom (normal mean dev)


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