28 May, 2015

10 minute Haskell talk: An awkward interaction between lazy ByteStrings and a misbehaving (non-)transparent HTTP middlebox

The slides for a lightning talk I gave at the London Haskell User Group are here. Press a in the browser and you'll get some explanatory notes with the slides; otherwise they're a bit sparse.


  1. Anonymous1/6/15 20:43

    > Fix Network.HTTP to respect Content-Length header, for nicer error.

    Is that going to happen? seems like "better error message" is always good, but I can imagine how there's some reason to keep it the way it is.


    1. My concern with attempting a quick fix is that I'd accidentally break laziness if I don't have a deep grasp of what's going on in that library. And for a more in-depth fixed, I'm not funded to do that and I have more interesting things to do with my unpaid time.