19 February, 2016

pebble time retrospective

I got a Pebble Time smartwatch, but it turns out I don't wear it much, despite wearing my original (OG) Pebble all the time. I don't even keep it habitually charged.

There isn't one particular reason:

  • There are two reasons why I have to keep taking the watch off, something I never had to do with the OG Pebble which I wore 24/7:
    • The charge port is inaccessible while wearing the watch. I didn't realise before hand how much of a problem that would be: I tend to take it off to charge and forget to put it back on.
    • The wristband and/or shape does something weird to my skin that neither the OG pebble nor the 10 wristbands I wear do; especially if the Pebble gets wet (which it otherwise would often, several times a day).
  • Application loading is heavily coupled to the phone. I got the Pebble because it has long battery life, but I've found myself in situations where I can't use (e.g.) the compass because my phone has gone flat (which is does by the end of every day). That turns the compass from something I can rely on into a gimmick.
  • Not really an ongoing reason, but as I'm in grumble mood, I found the software upgrade experience from OG to Time quite frustrating: I needed a different app from the Pebble app that I already had installed, and it seemed to conflict in a weird way with the existing app.

I have been hoping someone would make a smartstrap to expose charging, but to no avail. Now there's an SDK available for the serial port (which is also the charge point), I might start fixing that problem myself. One day.

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