16 July, 2011

browserid in-browser shell logins

I've previously wired up my shell server barwen.ch to allow browser-based logins using OpenID and shellinabox. I've written about that on this blog before. I saw a few articles about Mozilla's BrowserID. The code snippets there looked like they would integrate well with the code I had already. So my evening project (which ended up only taking about half an hour) was to prototype BrowserID-based shell login.

It works basically the same as for the OpenID login on barwen.ch:

To get set up: you need to sign up for a barwen.ch account which will cost you 50 cents on PayPal; you need to send me the email that you use for BrowserID (instead of / in addition to an SSH key).

To actually log in, go to the login page http://s0.barwen.ch/~benc/browserid.html and log in. A terminal will appear in your browser. You do shell stuff.

This code is pretty crappy so I don't really want to release it until I've had a thought about the security for at least an hour (though you can find fragments of it elsewhere on this blog). I especially think that there might be some attacks possible by using freaky email addresses vs my unsanitised string handling. (I'm looking at you, Bobby Tables).

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