24 September, 2011

♫ if i could turn back time ♪

Cooker has a one-way-only knob for setting time. You wind forwards until you reach now. If you miss now, you wind forwards another 24h (luckily the cooker doesn't have a date too) until you reach now again. On TZ shift (i.e. end/start of summertime / daylight savings), once per year, there's a wind-forward 1h event. fairly easy. you make the clock run faster than real time. but once per year there's a once per year wind-forward 23h event. BUT! Turns out if you can stop the clock, then you can let real time wind forwards faster than clock time. and wait an hour. and then start the clock again. It involves more real time (you have to wait an hour) but a lot less tedious winding.

1 comment:

  1. one more reason to hate hate hate the tz shift. if extra light at end of day is so great, then please let's just spring forward once and stick with year round "summer time"