03 December, 2011


I have a server running inside EC2. It gets its network details using dhcp.

ubuntu@s0:~$ hostname
ubuntu@s0:~$ hostname --fqdn
hostname: Name or service not known


This happens pretty much every time the VM reboots. Its something to do with getting a new private IP address each time it reboots.

Although this manages to work:

hostname --all-fqdns
s0.barwen.ch polm.pl stacheldraht.it s0.barwen.ch

The autoconfigured resolv.conf looks like this:

domain eu-west-1.compute.internal
search eu-west-1.compute.internal

and if I comment out or remove both the domain and search lines, then everything works...

Those lines are wrong anyway - this machine is in my barwen.ch domain. It just happens to be hosted in amazon's network...

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