21 February, 2012

bugs that never go away

I had a problem trying to get mrtg to read ssCpuRawUser.0 and related snmp variables. it was giving some error, even though it can read various other snmp variables fine. i googled. I got a few pages of people going all the way back to 2001 with the same error. no solutions. there's even a bug where the mrtg author WORKSFORMEs it. fuck this. I think there's an XKCD about this. So, I can read the variable with the net-snmp commandline tool and feed it in that way. yay for being able to write my own plugins.

# $1 = name1
# $2 = name
# $2 = host
snmpget -m + -c public -v 1 $3 $1 | sed 's/^.*Counter32: //'
snmpget -m + -c public -v 1 $3 $2 | sed 's/^.*Counter32: //'

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