25 September, 2012

asian letters

I'd got quite used to my os x machine (at least in all its non-terminal windows) being able to deal with chinese (and related) scripts. which was neat because i can read a little bit of that shit. and its the future, after all, so i'd expect that to work. This new debian install though, they're back to being funny squares indicating unknown characters. like they were on the last linux desktop machine i just trashed from 12y ago.

gonna party like its 1999.


  1. Ok, so i guess my firefox is too locked down or something stupid.

    Ubuntu has been handling asian (specifically ZH_TW) fonts for at least a few years. I dont' think there's any special ubuntu sauce doing that, aside from the dummy-box that installs the needed packages for me.

    square boxes suggest you're missing some fonts, so install ... huh, I don't know.

    What are you using for your input method? I don't see any fcitx dependencies that scream "chinese fonts".

    Maybe the ubuntu special sauce is that fonts are extended to cover all Chinese characters? I don't know what an 'arphic' font family is, and I don't have one installed, but perhaps it will help you: