05 November, 2012

why didn't I do this before?

I finally got round to making a shell helper, sr:

echo ssh+screen reattach to $1
ssh -tv $1 screen -x

Oh the hours I've wasted over the last 10 years on those very keystrokes...


  1. I'm pretty sure I told you about mosh, which has been terrific as long as you do not need x11 forwarding or (i think) ssh agent forwarding. no agent forwarding is ok: i shell from laptop to a long-running server, then ssh from there to other places.

    Before I heard about mosh, i had this script:
    while true ; do
    ssh $1

  2. The amount of hours/keystrokes saved going forward will depend on how you named your shell helper...
    Hope it wasn't ssh_tv_screen_x_helper :-)