17 October, 2013

libpebble on debian

Getting my pebble talking to my linux laptop took a while - mostly because I didn't know much about the linux bluetooth stack.

I'm running all this as root. I might eventually figure out how to do it as a normal user.

Can we see the pebble at all? This doesn't always show the pebble to me - i think because its not waiting long enough for the pebble to be active on bluetooth.

# hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:18:2F:CC:EC:A9       Pebble ECA9

In one window:

# bluez-simple-agent
Agent registered

In another window:

# l2ping 00:18:2f:cc:ec:a9
Ping: 00:18:2f:cc:ec:a9 from E0:06:E6:BA:33:AB (data size 44) ...
44 bytes from 00:18:2f:cc:ec:a9 id 0 time 8.54ms
Send failed: Connection reset by peer
It gives that connect reset message every time I try this ping... but carry on anyway.
# rfcomm bind 0 00:18:2f:cc:ec:a9
./p.py --pebble_id ECA9 ping
will make the pebble buzz and show a ping message on screen.

Now run as many p.py commands as you like.

At some point when I did this previously, it got a persistent pairing with the pebble - I have no idea where in my hacking around the persistent pairing happened as at one stage I had to do it for every interaction...

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