01 December, 2014

dive computer subtitles for gopro videos

On a couple of dives recently, I had my own dive computer and wore my GoPro in head-mounted mode.

I thought it would be nice to have the dive computer info displayed on the GoPro video, so I hacked up https://github.com/benclifford/subsurface2srt which pulls data from subsurface and makes it into a VLC subtitles file.

One problem I have is that both the GoPro and the dive computer have manually set clocks, which can be set only to the nearest minute. So guessing a start offset between the video and the dive computer file is a bit hazy.


  1. Anonymous1/12/14 15:12

    in the old days the way to sync your camera and your gps was to take a picture of your gps. now you know what the offset of your exif information should be. would that work or does the dive computer not have a very precise display? ==rob

  2. The computer only displays as far down as minutes, rather than seconds. Taking a few pictures at different times will narrow it down and is probably what I'll end up doing in future.