07 June, 2017

Fixing up my MSF radio clock

One of the first hardware things I did with a Raspberry Pi (sometime around March 2013) was interface it to a cheap 60kHz radio clock board, and write some driver software to interface it to ntpd. That was in one house, then in another, and then got dismantled, put in a box, and smashed up a bit. Based on the

I spent a few hours yesterday fixing it up: resoldering the antenna onto the circuit board, getting rid of the dodgy soldering and putting it on a prototype board, putting a capacitor across the power supply because I heard rumour that might make it receive better (it doesn't seem to), and implementing parity checking in the decoder.

It's still terribly awkward to position: I have it velcroed up on top of a curtain rail to try to get it high and away from all my other electronics and it is still very sensitive to antenna positioning; and it is still estimated by ntpd to be less accurate than getting time off the internet; and even with parity checking it is still fairly common for it to decode a time that is wrong.

But it has a nice flashing red LED.

Software: https://github.com/benclifford/msf

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