24 July, 2017

WinTec GRays 2 GPS device feeding to NTP

USB driver

When I got a wintec g-rays2, it didn't work on USB out of the box with whatever laptop I had (probably a macbook), but was OK on Bluetooth, so that's what I stuck with.

Now, eight years later, I plugged it into one of my Raspberry Pis and it appears as /dev/ttyUSB1 by magic!

Getting NMEA sentences in minicom

minicom --device=/dev/ttyUSB1 --baud=4800 gives some garbled stuff every second, so I'm receiving the NMEA sentences but at the wrong serial port settings.

The manual didn't give any help but a bit of fiddling reveals sensible looking output at 57600 baud, 8N1 (here you can see where I live).


These lines are spewed out once a second without needing to send any start command to the GPS unit.

Getting ntpd to pay attention

$GPRMC and $GPGGA are the relevant sentences for ntpd, according to the manual.

I already have ntpd runnning on this Pi, with an MSF receiver configured already.

This gives a /dev/gps0 (at least until reboot):

cd /dev
sudo ln -s ttyUSB1 gps0

and this line in /etc/ntpd.conf makes ntpd look for NMEA time sentences on /dev/gps0:

server mode 67

The mode, decimal 67, means hexadecimal 0x43: 0x01 listen for GPRMC, 0x02 listen for GPGGA, 0x40 use 57600 baud.

And after a restart, tada! (although apparently a 160ms delay compared to all my other time sources. ick)

pi@faeroe /dev $ ntpq --peers
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
 2001:8b0:1638:9     2 u   39   64   17    0.952  157.794   0.783
 ntp2.aa.net.uk     2 u   41   64   17   14.923  162.505   0.671
 SHM(2)          .MSF.            0 l    -   64    0    0.000    0.000   0.000
*GPS_NMEA(0)     .GPS.            0 l   55   64    7    0.000   -5.660   0.819
 tyne.cqx.ltd.uk     2 u   46   64   17    0.674  157.858   0.759

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