25 June, 2013

Nominet .uk proposals again...

Nominet are proposing a second consulation on their wacky plan to open up second level domains in .uk - so I could have hawaga.org.uk or cqx.uk (assuming someone didn't get there first).

They talk now about owners of existing *.*.uk domains being given first dibs.

One of my concerns is that it fragments the UK namespace - there is already a "default zone" of co.uk and so that makes me wonder if (in the long term) co.uk should be abandoned entirely, and in the mean time, the co.uk and second level uk should be the same: one registration fee gives the same name registered in both zones. If you have the .co.uk, you get the .uk. If you don't have the .co.uk, you don't get the .uk.

That at least gives a bit of an easier user explanation "a .uk is the same as .co.uk used to be"; though its still loads of technical work on the site side for people who want such domains.

And it still destroys the history of having decent information about what kind of entity you are interacting with.

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