04 March, 2011

disappointing new mac

Well my last mac died, as they do every now and then. So I activated my usual replacement behaviour: go to nearest mac store (in this case, Amac in Utrecht) and buy a new macbook.

Alas this new macbook started BSODing every few days, usually after a resume. So I took it back to the shop. They took it off for repair and diagnosed it with a faulty hard drive (?) and returned it after a week with a new HD.

Macbook still BSODs ever few days.

So back to the shop again. I thought maybe this time they'd give me a real replacement. No they want to take it off for repair again. I wonder if some dude has to sit in a room repeatedly suspending it and unsuspending it for a week to try to reproduce? Presumably it'll come back in a week with "cannot reproduce" and then it will continue crashing for me and then I will have to go argue with them lots?

This is a disappointingly slow and lame process which is not what I expected from either a Mac or from a Premium Reseller. grumble.

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