08 March, 2011

result of 2nd repair

after the previous failed attempt to make my new mac work, the 2nd repair attempt of my new mac is reported as:

Uitvoerig getest . weer waren er kleine problemen op de schijf
ditmaal konden ze wel hersteld worden
Ik zie aan de log files dat de kernel panic puur om software gaan en
niet hardware.
deze problemen zijn hersteld , en de Macbook werkt weer prima
voor een goede test zal ik de mac nog door testen 
 Na diverse testen werkt de Macbook prima geen verdere problemen

07-03-2011 Aan de log files van de machine te zien heeft het probleem
te maken met het feit dat er een Backup is terug gezet , waarvan de
fouten waarschijnlijk mee over zijn gekopieerd
Na herstel van de Harddisk * software ( werkt hij prima

which in a one-liner is "we found some corrupted files and repaired them. this is a software problem. it works fine now."

To be honest, that sounds like complete BS given the symptoms and the actions taken for previous repair (meaning its had at least two separate OS installs on two different hard-drives)... plus yes "it works fine" most of the time - just it crashes every 3 or 4 days. As the mac has been in their possession for repair for only 3 days, and I'm sure they haven't been using it as much as I do during that time, I don't think they can accurately state that it works now. The next week should tell, though.

In the meantime, Apple sent me a questionnaire about the previous repair attempt which gave me the opportunity for further grumbling (can you tell I'm English?).

-- later --

got laptop back - total result of repair: some screen dumps of them running the disk repair utility, and they wiped some fingerprints off the screen. lets see if that fixed the problem. <cough;>

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